See calculation,

as clear as it should be

Official product will be available soon in 2018 

Built for Excel professionals





Feature in future edition


Feature in future edition


Feature in future edition

Amazingly Visible

View your data in amazingly visible way.  Modelmap automatically analyzes spreadsheet calculation and shows all of the ingredients for you, as clearly as it should be. Modelmap is so carefully designed that everyone can understand its meaning intuitively, without losing any detail for calculation. You will no longer analyze the data. You will “see” the data.


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Tuned for Excel

Modelmap is built for every professional – investment banker, financial modeler, tax consultant, auditor or business development manager. It’s fully integrated with Microsoft Excel and effectively work on your local spreadsheets. Modelmap even help you change the data in clear ways. Locate the cell reference with a single click to move across spreadsheet . Understand the formula with labels and values. More quickly, more smartly. 

Let’s start Modelmap, on your daily Excel files.

Testimonials from our pilot users

“I wonder why this product has never been available before … 

I wish it had existed 10 years ago”

Senior manager at a global energy investment company

“This product suddenly removed all of my pain for reviewing spreadsheet.”

Investment officer at World Bank Group

“We could cut process time in half when analyzing  spreadsheets.

Now we can spend more time on getting things done.”


Former auditor at Big 4 professional firms

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